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Bridging The Gap

A Prison Ministry


Doing time is hard, doing time as a Christian is harder. Christians are the minority amongst the general population and can be subject to ridicule and harassment. They go through various trials and tribulations while incarcerated. Many times there are not many believers to fellowship with in the yard, which is not the way God intended the Christian life to be lived. Often times being inside can help isolate a person from their past sins and struggles but without a solid foundation they fall back into temptation and sin leading directly back to jails and institutions. The purpose of Bridging The Gap is to meet these needs by a 2 phase ministry.


Phase 1: Connecting believers and seekers on the inside with seasoned Christians on the outside for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and discipleship. This is done primarily through letter writing and emails.


Phase 2: Throughout the course of communication in Phase 1 it is our goal to find out their parole plans and help Bridge The Gap from the inside to the outside. This is done by connecting them with a local church where they can grow in their relationship with the Lord among other brothers and sisters in Christ as God intended.  

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