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William and Lily Silverthorn

El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru

William & Lily Silverthorn

About William & Lily

Our names are William and Lily Silverthorn. We've been married 20+ years and moved to San Diego in 2005 with the birth of our oldest grandson, Nico Waning. We have been members of the Branch Church since living here. We have 8 grandkids ages 0 to 20, and 6 children. Our offspring are in LA, Orange and San Diego counties with one son in Arizona. We've both been very active with our faith before we found each other. For the last two decades we have been very active both in LA as well as San Diego leading bible studies, hosting home fellowships, promise keeper ambassador work, intercessory prayer and more. Lily retired from working with the State of California primarily working in architecture and contractor licensing, but also received a Juris Doctorate in Law in her spare time. William retired from 35 years in the computer industry, with much experience in technology systems, sales, management and marketing, with the bulk of those years being with IBM. For more information regarding the Mission and their efforts there, go to










Peru Facts

  • Population: 31 Million
  • Religion: 81.3% Catholic, 12.5% Evangelical Christian, 3.3% Other, 2.9% non-religious.
  • Literacy:Estimated at 92.9% in 2007; this rate is lower in rural areas (80.3%) than in urban areas (96.3%).
  • Unreached:Although the primary faith is Catholicism in this country, actually hearing and understanding the Gospel is very rare. They are extremely hungry for the Word of God, and at the same time the Catholic church does not tend to welcome non-Catholic Christian
    denominations to teach or preach the Word.

About Ica, Peru

Ica is the capital of the Ica Region in souther Peru. Founded in 1563 by Spanish conquistador Geronimo Lui de Cabrera, it had previously been inhabited by indigenous peoples. The city suffered major damage and loss of life during the 2007 Peru earthquake.


The vast majority of Peru's population identify as Catholic (81.3%), while 12.5% identify as Evangelical Christian. Amerindian religious traditions also play a major role in the beliefs of Peruvians. Catholic festivities like Corpus Christi or holy week and Christmas sometimes blend with Amerindian traditions which show the unification of the indigenous peoples' impression with the Christian faith. Amerindian festivities which were celebrated since pre-Columbian times are also widespread throughout the nation. Inti Raymi, which is an old Inca festival, is still celebrated. The majority of towns, cities and villages have their own official cathedral or church and patron saint.


Ica, Peru

Call to Ministry

In 2009 we retired and created a charity (LAMA Ministry) focused on helping the people of Peru, Lily's home country, specifically because of a devastating 8.0 earthquake just a few years earlier. We received a donation of a well-placed parcel of land right in the center of town of one of the most severely earthquake-damaged villages north of Ica. We have gone down there annually (lately twice annually) with outreaches (taking eyeglasses, dental items, clothing, toys, sandals, Bibles, tracts, and more) to help the residents and have had many legal, engineering, and planning meetings on developing the property.


In 2012, with a clear breakthrough that could only be from above, we were able to finish demolishing the old property and clearing it for construction the following year. We had two trips in 2013 and on the second trip we succeeded in completing the 1st floor of what will eventually be a 2-floor (with 3rd floor terrace) building. In working closely with a very Spirit-filled church in Ica, we have seen a church plant on site, with the first service being in October 2013.



In 2014, with two trips we built out the 2nd & 3rd floors of the property, and this was a significant effort. We returned in early 2015, again taking two trips, and completed both upper floors with walls, stucco, windows, floors, electrical, plumbing, paint and more.  On the second trip we finalized the 3rd floor, toilets, sinks, lights, outlets, some interior doors and some wiring that was still needed.  We also did some furnishings on this 2nd trip, installing bunk beds for the dormitories, as well as some living quarter furniture for both upper floors.  In 2015 we completed dormitories for visiting missionaries, two additional classrooms, a 2nd meeting room all on the 2nd floor with the 3rd floor providing a very large exterior meeting area and BBQ kitchen and one more living quarter for visitors/residents.. What was left for some future date was a soft roof for the 3rd floor. 


Current Missionary Work


This property received its full time Missionary team in October of 2015.  With the help of the Branch Church and Tanto & Cynthia's ministry in Michoacan, Mexico, we have a wonderful family committed to be that full time Missionary role.  They areJulio & Yareni Sanchez family, including their 9 year old daughter, Cecia.  According to Tanto, they are the best of the missionary lot that he has been training.  After working with them for 9 months, we can only agree. They have committed for a 3-5 year assignment!!!   Thank you Lord!   We could really use your prayers, your assistance, your support to help this missionary family along.  They return to Mexico for a home visit in August 2016 and to finalize their papers.  It is such a blessing to see this building take final shape after so long in the plans and building, and to also have a committed family from the Branch to come run it, AND the newly formed AWANA program that has been growing at the mission.

The Sanchez family, in short order, has taken this mission to a new level, and are in fact now asking for more long term missionaries to join them.  With that in mind, Branch Church and "Tanto" Hussean's ministry in Mexico, visited the mission in November of 2016 introducing Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño, our newest long term missionary in Peru.   Irma is bilingual, having just recently completed missionary training, and got her first passport and at the age of 70 and is excited to be on her missionary assignment.  She is doing great things with the people already.   


Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño 

Growing success of the permanent missionaries, and a growing missionary population presents a new challenge of needing to modify the mission to accommodate. This is a great problem to have, however it presents additional costs as well.  We have invested significantly, and will continue to do so in the infrastructure, maintenance and support to show the villagers, who we have come to serve, that we are here to stay. Different than so many missionaries in the past that have come and gone, we are giving them a different message, that this mission is here to stay, it is for them, and we care for them.  They are very excited about it. Help us to continue to nurture this community and lead more to know Jesus Christ.  Please help us with this 'success', be a part of this effort. Visit our website, support the missionaries, support the mission.  We can't do this without you.   It takes a village!"  


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